Ashley Steinberg
General information
Interests: Shopping, Personal Grooming, Ponies, Purses, Hardcore gangbangs
Occupation(s): Pantosphere Staff
Ethnicity: Jewish
Gender: Bucket
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Ashley Steinberg is Josh's other love interest. She is Ashley 2's and Brittany Dinkleman's leader and best friend and an intelligent, sarcastic, pretty, nice, sassy-mouthed teenager.

Ashley is very concerned with her looks, and can go to extreme lengths to preserve them.

Ashley has long black hair and pink eye shadow.

Ashley wears a pink hairclip, braces, a light purple long-sleeved sweater, a purple skirt, and light purple high heel shoes.

Ashley's catch phrases are "(scoffs)" and "It's, like, so hot!"..

Description Edit

Ashley and her friends are the people who make Parker feel like uncomfortable. They hang out with about a quarter of the mall and always laugh/talk really loudly so everyone can see how oh so popular they are. They usually shop at places such as Scaunchboro Mall. Ashley enjoys eating healthy food, but not Soy What? as nobody eats there. Ashley friends are typically BLANK's A List popular kids, who typicallyrealize that the world does not revolve around them once entering college, then end up working for that oh so "ew" nerdy guy (Parker) in high school that they snubbed. Shortly they begin to realize being popular for those years in school doesn't matter in the long run. Though a few are very kind, the majority of them are cold hearted and arrogant.

Relationships Edit

Ashley 2Edit

Ashley is close friends with Ashley 2 and Brittany as well as a full time member of the Global Pony Petting Network. Ashley . She is voiced by Maria Bamford.




  • In "Gone With The Wind," Ashley almost gave Josh her cell phone number until he accidentally farted when he was bending down.
  • Even though Ashley hates Josh, she still agrees to go out with him at times.