General information
Interests: Rock Music (The Squall of Dwarves), Parties
Occupation(s): Band Member, A List
Ethnicity: Canadian
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Hey Ben, this is your lucky day! Guess what. I have a double date with the Ashleys, and they requested the Benster by name."

Josh Redgrove[[Parker's Date|[src]]]

Ben "Benjamin" or the Benster is popular teenager, who Josh's considers (or wishes was) his other best friend. He is an intelligent, skinny, rebellious, outgoing punk teenager. Ben wears a black short

sleeved T-shirt with a skeleton on the front with a black jacket with tan fur, blue jeans, and black shoes and has short gray hair.

Description Edit

Ben is always on top of the new fashion or trends. Ben goes to lots of concerts and hangouts at new opening party spots. Ben usally join new opening spots that usally going to become big such as . Ben also loves music and concerts. Ben is a part of BLANK's A List popular kids, who typically are often exceedingly confident, to the point where they are arrogant. Although Ben does not appear arrogant, he probably would not associate himself with Parker, due to his popularity.

Relationships Edit

Ben . He is voiced by [[]].