Official Artwork of Bogmire

 was the Soy What? manager. He was a strict soytarian.

Gord wore a tan short-sleeved Soy What? work shirt. In "The Fries That Bind," Gord's debut episode, Gord encountered a depressed Fox, and asked him why his vibes were all in a twist. Parker then told Gord that it was because he got in a big fight with his best friend, and it's just frustrating. Fox then spotted Bogmire's "Meat Reacher", and asked him what it was. Then, Bogmire introduced himself to Fox and told him that he's the manager over at Soy What?, and as a strict soytarian, he's not allowed to touch meat, so his reacher helps him out. He also told Fox that they can really use pound and tender as the over at Soy What?.

Bogmire . He was voiced by Huey Freeman.