General information
Interests: Hanging with friends
Occupation(s): Josh's girlfriend
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 Brittany is Parker's and Josh's friend, Ashley's and Ashley 2's best friend and other follower, and an employee at Pantosphere. She is an African-American, most reasonable, calm, soft-spoken, helpful, and apparently liked girl.

Brittany is not an Ashley, but she still wants to be cool enough to hang out with them. The problem is, she is smarter than they are, and being shallow doesn't come naturally for her, so she has to fake it sometimes. The rest of the time, she is the kind of girl, that anyone can talk to.

Brittany lends advice to other people (besides Josh and Parker).

Brittany has brown curly hair.

Brittany wears gold tints, a pink tank top, a blue skirt, and red high heel shoes.

Parker thinks Brittany is one of the guys and Josh thinks that Brittany is cool (but not as beautiful as the Ashleys).

Brittany becomes Josh's love interest in the second season. Before the finale, she is referred to as his girlfriend and he says he loves her, to which she returns his feelings.


  • In "The Fries That Bind," when Brittany emerged from a crowd of customers during a fight between Josh and Parker, a heavenly light shown on her as she lend advice (in order to prove that she's a very helpful person).
  • In "Schnozzola," when Ashley got a large zit on her nose, Brittany tried to comfort her by telling her that everyone gets zits and that she should just leave it alone. At the end of the same episode, Brittany had a bruger as her nose, and she thanked Josh for it.
  • In "Big Greasy Musical," Brittany starred in Josh's dream as Princess Brittany. She was first seen in the clouds. Brittany was going to sing to Josh, but Ashley told her not to. Brittany replied, "I don't care. I can't help it.", and she was about to sing to Josh, but a cane suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Brittany. The cane was revealed to be controlled by the evil Mr. Carney. He kept pulling Brittany to his air balloon, until he finally got her in. Mr. Carney told Josh that there's no way he can save her now, and then cackled evilly. Suddenly, Parker appeared and told Josh that he has to save Brittany from the boney man. However, Josh refused, and told Parker that they got the wrong guy. Parker responded, "Well Josh, if you don't believe, then you don't get to fly.", and then he turned his umbrella top into a brick with his magical cane. Josh started screaming, and then he went down. Parker then looked at the camera and smiled. He was then blown away by the air.