Chip 2.7 (formerly "Chip 2.6") was the main antagonist in the "Model Employee" specials and the "Return Of The Model Employee" special. He was an evil robot, who was originally built to be the perfect Mr. Meaty employee.

Chip was capable of taking any order.

In the "Model Employee" specials, he was befriended by Josh (who thought that Chip was cool), but Parker despised Chip when he saw that he was trying to take his job. "You're just wires and circuits! And good food comes from the heart, Chip! From the heart!" Chip ignored him, and asked for a fillet of seal. Parker mimicked him, saying he should just walk into a wall. Chip obeyed him, much to Parker's amusement. Parker than asked Chip if he could just take himself apart and throw himself away. Chip responded, "Chip works well with others!". Parker quietly mimicked him. When Parker saw Chip destroying himself, he started laughing. He then ran up to the now destroyed Chip. Josh then arrived with some clothes, that he bought from the store, that will fit him good. However, when Josh saw that Chip was all destroyed, he gasped in shock. He told Parker, "PARKER!! WHAT DID YO DO?! WHAT HAPPENED TO CHIP?!", and then ran up to Chip, and started hugging him while crying. Parker told Josh that Chip had "an accident". Josh started crying, "Oh, Chip! Who's gonna cover for me now?!". Parker told Josh that it's just he and Josh now; "the biggest friendship ever". Josh told Parker that he will never forgive him, and then walked away, still crying.

In part two, Chip rebuilt himself, but his brain malfunctioned and started going ballistic. Blaming Parker for making Chip like this, Josh leaves Parker to fix the robot. Parker tried to reason with Chip, by explaining their differences: Parker being a lovable human, and Chip being a "heartless machine." Chip's response? He took over Parker's brain giving him the mind of the robot, forming the Model Employee Circuit. At first, Parker and Chip make a great team, but when Josh heard all the commotion going on in the kitchen, he was shocked to find Parker under Chip's control, and Chip planned to do the same thing to Josh. Josh tried to free Parker from his control by trying to get Parker to remember the day they first met and what Parker said to Chip: "Good food comes from the heart." But it didn't work. "Welcome, Josh Redgrove, to the Model Employee Circuit," said Chip, ready to take control of Josh. "Here, we do not make mistakes. We do not sleep, we do not eat, we do not-"

Suddenly, Parker started to feel angry and outraged by what Chip said and broke free out of Chip's control. "NEVER EAT?! NEVER EAT?! FORGET THAT!" Pumped up with anger and his lust for food, he shocked Chip with his own wiring and threw him into the fryer, causing the robot to short-circuit and melt.