"Dinkleman" is the 22th episode in Season 1 in Mr. Meaty.


Parker asks Mr. Carney to be a superhero, so Mr. Carney shoots Parker with a beam, making him strong and into a superhero named Dinkleman (who's named after Parker's last name).

However, Parker's new powers start getting on Josh's nerves.

Also, Electro Clash (Dinkleman's arch-nemesis), Constructo (Dinkleman's 2nd arch-nemesis), [[]] (Dinkleman's 3rd arch-nemesis), and [[]] (Dinkleman's 4th arch-nemesis) appear and try many times to kill Parker (even Josh!).

When Parker sees that Josh is extremely annoyed by his shenanigans, he finds a way to make Josh feel more important, too.