"Hip-Hop Ludwig von Koopa" is the 20th episode in Season 3 in The Boondocks.


Fox uses Skatopia's new Hip Hop Machine to make the perfect Koopa for Falco.

Falco is repulsed by Ludwig von Koopa (his rival) at first, but when he hears people in the house making fun of him, he asks him to be his rival.

After their day together, Falco lets Ludwig stay in the refrigerator as a room.

The next morning, Falco finds Ludwig cheating on him by talking to some Koopa trying to knock on the door and waves (because Ludwig thought that he was so much hotter than Falco). Then they said "Hello!".


  • [[]] as Ludwig von Koopa
  • [[]] as Rosalina "Flo"
  • [[]] as Mona McCloud-Lombardi