Josh Redgrove
General information
Interests: Stardust Crusaders, r/Braincels, Fear itself, Gunpla
Occupation(s): Mr. Meaty's Fry Cook
Ethnicity: Arlenian/Arlenite
Gender: Male
First Appearance: "Buffalo Burrito"
List of characters

Joshua "Josh" Redgrove (born c. 1989) is the main protagonist of Mr. Meaty. He is Parker's English-accented best friend and Ken's younger brother who works as the cashier at Mr. Meaty.


Josh despises his job at Mr. Meaty, unlike Parker. Josh tries to impress the girls he likes, but he always seems to fail or make himself look like a loser. He is a confident go-getter and won't let anyone stop him from accomplishing his goals.


Josh has blonde hair (which is over his left eye), light yellow eyes (yellow in the pilot and shorts), and pimples. He also appears to be of Native American descent.

He almost always wears a short-sleeved Mr. Meaty work shirt with his name tag on it (with a red long-sleeved T-shirt inside the work shirt in the pilot and shorts), long black pants, and blue and white sneakers.


  • Arthur Holden was rumored to voice Josh many times.
  • Josh was named after one of the creator's nephews, while Parker's appearance was based on his other nephew.
  • His street address is 193 Augusta Ave. Scaunchboro.
  • His education was in the 9th grade.
  • His position was applied for working cash.
  • Working the front counter, Josh is the first line of defense against crazed holiday shoppers, health inspectors, and tar monsters, all of which make it tough to carry on conversations with girls.
  • He never worked for Mr. Meaty before.
  • Josh is a year older than Parker.
  • Even though he once admitted that Parker isn't exactly the coolest dude in the universe and frequently seems tired of Parker's "nerdier" tendencies, Josh is genuinely very close to him.
  • Most girls do not like Josh; some girls (such as Goth Girl) like Josh at first, but at sooner or later, they always ditch him in the end.
  • It is revealed in "Unihorn" that he weighs 80 pounds.
  • On his job application in "Original Sin," his special skills and hobbies are film-making, skateboarding, sling shot making, girls, boxing stuff, buttering bread, and fixing holes.
  • Josh is a former member of the Dirt Bike Club.
  • When he screams, he often screams like a girl. This is noted by Ken in "Ninjam."