Ludwig von Koopa was Falco's rival and Falco's Amy's, Flo's, and Mona's DNA. He crawls and listens to loud Hip-Hop music.

Ludwig only appeared in the episode, "Hip-Hop Ludwig von Koopa."

Ludwig's birthday is January 6, 1991.

At first, Falco didn't want to be seen with Ludwig, but when he heard people in the house criticizing him, he had second thoughts about Ludwig, and soon accepted him as his rival. After their day together, Falco let Ludwig have his own room in the refrigerator... only to find him the next morning cheating on him by making out with a hunk of beef when he knocks on the door and waves, saying that he was so much hotter than Falco. Ludwig and Falco then said "Hello". He was voiced by [[]].