(After the title screen, the episode begins at Mr. Meaty, where Josh is serving a customer.)

Josh: Enjoy your Mr. Meaty combo meal. 

(The man walks off with his meal.)

Man: Sure, kid.

(Josh sighs with relief and pulls out a sandwich from under the counter.)

Josh: Yes. My homemade meatball sandwich with vegetables. Oh! (sighs) Finally, some good food.

(Parker peeps out from the kitchen, sniffing around for something to eat. He catches a whiff, and smacks his lips with hunger. Josh unknowingly hears him.)

Josh (continued): Huh? (looks behind him as Parker disappears) Hello?

(Parker zips by the front as Josh looks there again.)

Josh (continued): Huh? What was that?

(Parker then zips up next to him.)

Parker: Josh!

Josh: (startled) Parker!

Parker: Oh, that meatball sandwich sure smells delicious. Can I have a bite. Just like a teeny, little, tiny bite?

Josh: No!

Parker: C'mon, just like a tiny, little bite?

Josh: No.

Parker: Aw, c'mon.

Josh: Parker, you work in the Land of Meat. Make your own sandwich.

Parker: But that one's homemade, ok? I-I-I never get to eat homemade food. So, so how about just a little nibble, huh? Just a, just a teeny weeny little bit?

Josh: Aw, man. Ok Parker, you can have a bite.

Parker: Oh yeah.

Josh: One bite, Parker.

Parker: Ok, dude. Yeah, I know that, ok? I'm not some kind of...terrible-

(He suddenly takes a bite of almost the whole sandwich.)

Josh: Parker?

(Parker is eating enjoyably.)

Josh (continued): Don't be a moocher!

Parker: Well, you said I could have a bite.

Josh: I didn't say a bite of my whole sandwich!

Parker: Well, you know what then, Josh, you should be really specific about these things.

Josh: Ok, if you're gonna be a moocher, go mooch somewhere else.

Parker: That's a great idea

(He runs off.)

Parker (continued): Aw, I can't believe I didn't think about that.

(Transition to Doug holding a donut.)

Doug: Donut, I love ya like a brother, and I'm about to eat ya like a maniac.

(He sees Parker through the donut hole.)

Parker: Hi, Doug!

(Doug is startled.)

Doug: (sighs) There's simple rules in life, son. And Rule No. 1 is to never look through another man's donut hole!

Parker: Oh, well, you know I-I-I'm sorry, Doug. But I-I-I don't think you should be eating that donut all alone. I think there's tons of bad guys here in this mall, and I bet you they're just waiting for you to get all full and sleepy.