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The show's main characters: Josh Redgrove (left) and Parker Dinkleman (right)

Mr. Meaty is a Canadian television series, airing on NDR Channel in Germany, CBC Television in Canada and the Nicktoons Network in the United States.

The show's main characters are teenage friends named Josh Redgrove (voiced by Jamie Shannon) and Parker Dinkleman (voiced by Jason Hopley) who work at a fast food restaurant called Mr. Meaty, which is located inside the Scaunchboro Mall.

It has a TV rating of TV-14.

Mr. Meaty is the 3rd Nickelodeon / CBC Television co-production/NDR German channel, the first being Little Bear, and the 2nd, Pelswick.

The show began as a series of shorts, featured on CBC's The Void, and in-between shows on Nickelodeon. Many of the original shorts can still be found on iTunes and TurboNick. An 11-minute pilot aired on December 30, 2005, which was a retrospective featuring material from the earlier shorts. On September 22, 2006, the series premiered on Nickelodeon. It started airing on the Nicktoons Network (in the United States) on March 10, 2007. The show is no longer in production. It began airing on the Canadian channel Teletoon in June 2009, but is no longer in their current lineup. Mr. Meaty returned in reruns on Nicktoons on and canceled in may

Mr. Meaty has a number of episodes, featuring full 14-minute Director's Cut, Extended Scenes, and Deleted Scenes on Turbonick.

The show received a great deal of criticism from vegetarians and parents, who did not like the gross-out humor. Many petitions were signed and sent to Nickelodeon to end the show. This may be a reason for its move to the Nicktoons Network, and (ultimately) its short life. However, the show has a substantial cult . Run in Japan on nicktoons June 2009 until August 10 2009 in Japan it was cancelled from bad ratings

As of 2019 there seems to be new light for mr meaty since a number of petitions have been written trying to bring mr meaty back from the dead and get dvd releases. It seems like Mr. Meaty has been given a cult following of fans and since May equal a return of the show.



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