Series Name
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date September 22, 2006
Written by Jamie Shannon
Directed by Jamie Shannon
Episode Guide
Buffalo Burrito
 "Parkerina" is the 2nd episode in Season 1, and the 3rd episode in production order in Mr. Meaty. It is on Nick Picks 5 which is the only official DVD release.


Mr. Meaty's brand new burger, the Miss Meaty Burger, is out. Josh tries to sell the Miss Meaty burgers to girl for their phone numbers, but none accept. Parker, however, has eaten 12 burgers, and glugged down the special Girly Sauce, which painfully turns him into a girl. Parker sees this as a nightmare, but Josh sees this as a way to find out why the girls are hating on him.

At Pantosphere, Josh gives Parker a makeover. When Ashley, Ashley 2, and Brittany come in, Josh tells them that Parker is his cousin from the farm, and his name is "Parkerina." The girls decide to help Parker with his makeover, and they become friends.

When Parker returns to Josh after partying with the girls, he has become more and more like a girl (due to hanging out with them). However, Josh tells him that it's time for him to go into the girls' bathroom. But Parker refuses. However, Josh makes him do it.

In the bathroom, Parker finds out the reason why the girls hate Josh; to the girls, Josh has been devised to the groove as a user, because of various reasons (one being that 2 weeks ago, Ashley 2 went to the movies with Josh, and he made her pay for the whole thing, including the extra butter. Another reason is that Tanya tells Parker that Josh said he was her boyfriend, so she lent him her hair crimper, and he never gave it back.). Parker gets angry with Josh, and rallies the girls to go give Josh a piece of their mind, but at the very moment, Parker turns normal again. The girls become even angrier and shove Josh in the Miss Meaty Burger stand, while Parker hides in the freezer.

Parker then comes out to help Josh out, finding out that Josh has now turned into a girl. ("Just call me "Joshalyn." ")



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