(Episode begins at Mr. Meaty. Josh is taking orders from behind the counter.)

Josh: (on the mic)  4 burger combos, a chicken kaboodle and a fishy fishstick.

(A rush sound is heard. Josh is shocked when he sees Parker out of the kitchen, moving around in a panic.)

Josh (continued): Parker, Parker, you're not allowed out of the kitchen during lunch.

Parker: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that. But you know what? I just drank a whole chug of milk just to see if I could, and now I....really, really, gotta go!

(He runs past Josh.)

Parker (continued): Uh, 'scuse me!

Josh: Hey, hey! Don't leave me here with the freaks!

(The customers are stunned. Josh looks back at them.)

Josh (continued): Oh, pardon me, heh, Awkward.

(One of the customers covers his face and cries.)

Josh (continued): Uhh...I'll get your food now.

(He goes to the kitchen and places a deep fryer filled with fries.)

Josh (continued): Ok. The faster I cook this stuff, the faster I get these people out of here. Let's see, where is the knob?

(He reaches for the knob and turns in toward the max, but suddenly pulls it off.)

Josh (continued): Augh! What a piece of junk!

(He is shocked when he sees the deep fryer bubbling up.)

Josh (continued): Uh oh. Okay, oh woah.

(The deep fryer explodes. Josh backs away from the scene. Through the window, Mr. Carney and Mr. Wink arrive.)

Edward R. Carney: What in tarnation...?

(Josh screams upon see them.)

Edward R. Carney (continued): Why is there neither hind nor hair of anyone at there here counter?!