Series Name
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 29, 2006
Written by Jason Hopley
Directed by Jason Hopley
Episode Guide
"The Fries That Bind"

"Wedgelor" is the 4th episode in Season 1 of Mr. Meaty.


Josh is upset that Ashley, Ashley 2, and Brittany do not like him because he is skinny. The Tater Tots harass Josh, call him "Skinny Butt," and give him a wedgie.

Later, Josh and Parker go to Silver Lining Pharmacy to buy bulk-up powder so Josh can become buff and beat up the Tater Tots. Josh discovers one on the bargain sales rack containing a demon named Wedgelor and he and Parker purchase it. Releasing Wedgelor in the locker room, he grants Josh's request to make his body big, beefy and strong; however, he doesn't enlarge his head to match, much to Josh's shock and anger. When he demands that Wedgelor enlarge it, he refuses since Josh only mentioned his body to be buff and not his head.

Later, Wedgelor goes on a wedgie rampage in Scaunchboro Mall. Angered, Josh intends to beat up the Tater Tots and then find and beat up Wedgelor until he gives him a bigger head.

After losing to Wedgelor in an arm wrestle, Parker (who was chosen by Wedgelor to be his permanent wedgie slave) loses it and wedgies Wedgelor, stretching his underwear all over the mall, causing him severe pain and devastating him since no one wedges Wedgelor and he then screams in agony and disappears.